Public Announcements


2018 Annual General Meeting - Wednesday 11 April 2018

Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of the PMI WA Chapter will be held on Wednesday 11 April 2018. The meeting will be held immediately before the monthly WA Chapter Meeting.

Venue: The Platform, Level 3, 256 Adelaide Terrace, Perth

Time: 5.00 PM for 5.30 PM


  1.      Opening of Meeting and Welcome - Cole Vindevoghel, President  
  2.      Quorum of financial members present 
  3.      Apologies 
  4.      Annual General Meeting
              4.1 Minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting and Elections held 9 November 2016
             4.2 Business arising from the previous Minutes
             4.3 President’s Report
             4.4 Adoption of the Financial Report
             4.5 Results of the 2018 Chapter election
                     4.5.1 Announcement of Vice­-President appointment
                     4.5.2 Announcement of Finance Director appointment
                     4.5.3 Announcement of other board director appointments
  1.      General Business
  2.      Close of Annual General Meeting