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Leadership Workshop Series - Sarab Singh - Corporate Sherpas


October 15, 2020
5:30 PM - 8:30 PM
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Riff Perth -The Vault
45 St Georges Terrace
Perth, WA 6164

SESSION -1  DATE : 15/10/2020

EMOTIONAL QUOTIENT AND PERFORMANCE - Achieving business results by leveraging group IQ


To strengthen individual, group and cultural emotional intelligence in order to achieve increased levels in employee cooperation, increased motivation, increased productivity, and increased profits. Underpinned by research in neuroscience and psychology, this module will challenge the status quo and demonstrate a strong link between emotions and business performance more than the IQ or other similar competencies.

SESSION -2  DATE : 29/10/2020

THE ART AND SCIENCE OF COMMUNICATION - Making sense and cutting through the noise and chaos


Ensure that the improved organisational communication positively effects the change readiness, increased organisational resilience, customer satisfaction, retention, reduced organisational waste and efficiencies in times of uncertainties.

SESSION -3  DATE : 12/11/2020

COURAGE AND CONFLICT - Enhancing performance by daring to disagree


Improved trust, communication and relationships with the stakeholders whilst challenging the status quo. A culture that nurtures healthy diversity in viewpoints and opinions as a catalysts for improvement and innovation.

SESSION -4  DATE : 26/11/2020

DECISION SCIENCE - Understanding and Influencing the architecture of choice


Improved ability for leaders to make informed, fast, effective high stakes decisions in complex, uncertain and dynamically changing situations. Increased organisational performance due to removal of biases from systems and process. A collaborative approach towards implementing and evaluating organisational decisions that can have high rewards and consequences


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