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5 Keys To Great Presentations as a Leader with Peter Dhu


June 09, 2021
5:45 PM - 8:00 PM
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Riff Perth
45 St Georges Terrace
Perth, 6164


What do Steve Jobs, Sir Winston Churchill, Richard Branson, and Barack Obama do that makes them such effective speakers and leaders? An important part of leadership is having a strong vision and purpose, and demonstrating these through actions and leadership style. Equally important in leadership is the ability to communicate this purpose and vision to the organisation and staff in a confident and persuasive manner. Leaders can be knowledgeable and competent in their work and have a strong vision, but they struggle if they cannot clearly and effectively articulate and present their ideas and vision to those who need to hear it. The ability to speak and present like a leader, and earn the trust and commitment of staff and colleagues are essential to those in leadership roles. It’s essential to be able to influence stakeholders and bring them to the speaker’s point of view. This presentation will give Managers, Leaders, Supervisors, and Emerging Leaders tips for high-level presentation skills that allow them to influence, connect and engage with their audience.


Peter Dhu has been speaking professionally full time for 12 years. He began his working life as a Medical Laboratory Scientist working in Pathology.  In his 30 years as a scientist, he managed various pathology labs around Western Australia.

Peter now specialises in teaching leaders to become more courageous and effective and he helps people overcome their fears and find their voice by training them in public speaking, confidence, and leadership. This is a remarkable transition because Peter is a person who stutters and chose not to speak for much of his life.  He brings a real-life success story and courage to his work, where he inspires people with his own compelling story.

Peter is a living example that anyone can learn to be courageous, overcome their fears and unlock their hidden potential so they can step up, lead, speak up and inspire the world with their stories.

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