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PMI National Update   

Change the Game is the national conference team and it certainly is turning out to be a cast of great speakers for the conference on the Gold Coast.  Keynote speakers and subjects include:

  1. Michael Lutomski; Global Space Expert
  2. Queens Wharf Brisbane Project
  3. Innovative Smart Cities Commercialisation

Early bird pricing ends soon.  Take action and register now Change the Game Conference 2019.  Are you really focus and want to go?  

Why not submit a proposal for a sponsored expenses from the Chapter?  
marketing@wapmi.org.au for more information.  


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Events Insight

April 2019

April, 2019 is an exciting month for our Chapter in Perth as we move to an exciting new venue.   The RIFF, situated on 45 St Georges Terrace, Perth WA 6000 is a fresh and vibrant meeting space in Perth which enhances an environment for networking of like minded people.  April is the time of the year where the Board of Directors reports back to the members as complete the Annual General Meeting and announce the results of the current role nominations and elections.  

The excitement continues as we welcome two specialists in the project management practice from Successful Projects to talk us through and help our understanding in the Assessment of Extension Time Claims.  

April 10, 2019
5:45 PM to 8:30 PM

Riff Perth

45 St Georges Terrace
Perth, WA 6164

Secure your slot……….register today click here.


March 2019

Last month we were provided with an engaging presentation by Steve Paulman who introduced the concept of projects being either “Transformation or Change”. An example of the difference that was offered was:

  • Change - Tactical - Upgrading the kitchen in the house.
  • Transformation - Strategic - Knocking down the house and building a new one.

I took a lot from this presentation. The distinction between ‘transformation and change’ is important since the project management and project team skills need to change according to the type of project you are executing.
Most importantly I understood that it is very important to understand where your project fits in the continuum between change and transformation. Failure to understand if your project is transformational and treating it as a ‘business as usual’ operational project is likely to lead to its ultimate failure. 

As always I would be happy to carry on this discussion either at the next chapter meeting or on email (events@wapmi.org.au).

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Membership and Volunteering


Welcome to our new Members!

The WA Chapter Board wishes to recognise the new members and most recent certification holders.


  •  New Chapter Members 2019

Craig Matthews
Sevi Rich
Jamie Wright
Roan  OConnor
Gilbert Tan
Kellie Mabhena
Tamara Piscopo
Edward Lewis
Colin  Alchin
Joe Hutton
Sumit Chopra
Robert Jerkins
Mirelle Pedroza
Jaisy Manikham
Andrew Simpson
Jarrod Mason
Lisa Pascoe
Kalyanasundaram Venkataraman
Luke Fernandez
Pauline Boxall
Brett Mastaglia


  • New Credentials 2019

Andrew Robinson (CAPM)
Sam Liew (PMP)

  • Total Members

By end of Feb 2019:  485


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This month our Gold Sponsor Williams+Hughes bring us an interesting article in the subject of new Reform with the building and Construction Industry in Western Australia:

security of payment reform in the Western Australian building and construction industry

On 31 October 2018, the State Government’s Industry Advisory Group published its report on ‘Security of Payment Reform in the WA Building and Construction Industry’. The Report was a response to recent high-profile corporate collapses in the industry, which left numerous contractors and subcontractors without payment for work performed. The industry has one of the highest rates of insolvency and payment delinquency.

For project managers who may from time to time be involved in negotiating variations, perhaps the most significant recommendation in the Report is that all contracts valued at $20,000 or more (including variations) be in writing and contain specified information, unless an exception applies such as extreme urgency. If implemented, this will significantly limit the scope for oral variations.

Other key recommendations from the report include:

  • permitting disciplinary action against builders that fail to pay undisputed or determined debts;
    implementing steps to encourage greater use of standard form contracts;
  • requiring all retention monies to be held in auditable trust accounts; and
  • for construction contracts greater than $1m in value, when a head contractor receives payment for work done by a subcontractor, the head contractor will be deemed to hold the payment on trust for the subcontractor until the subcontractor is physically paid (again, this means subcontractors will be protected upon insolvency of the head contractor).

For the full article click here.

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Podcast of the Month

Podcast of Month.

Did you know PMI has a Podcast to enhance your learning on the run?  This podcast is centred around lively forward-looking series of conversations about hot topics and emerging trends impacting the world of project managers, from digital transformation to artificial intelligence to career development.

Each podcast episode includes insights and perspectives from senior and rising project managers, business leaders in Fortune 500 companies and startups, best-selling authors, top researchers and a wide range of leading-edge thinkers.  

Available in all Podcasts applications.

Listen to Leadership - Managing Multigenerational Teams

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