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PMI WA Chapter & PMDos

When you think about PMI what do you think? I personally think Personal Development, Meeting Like Minded People and Giving Back to the Community. For the first time in our history I am proud to say our chapter got behind the Project Management Day of Service(PMDos) and provide some for non-profits organizations some assistance by working through some of their challenges in the future.

On Saturday 3rd November a number of our members gave up their time to help Shelter WA, Legacy WA and Opportunity International through some of their more critical projects.
The objective of the day was to understand their challenges, work through the projects and provide them with some tools to go away with and align to these projects. Some of these deliverables included project management plans, action logs and other things.
he day was a huge success with the non for profit organizations getting something tangible to work with.

This is only the start. I’d love to see our membership community grow experiences further by volunteering and engaging in these projects.

A big thank you to all our members who attended and all of our sponsors.  Links to the NFP we helped are below:

Thanks and as alway please give us any feedback you may have.

Duncan McLaren, PMP
Marketing Director

Coming Soon!

A new initiative we would like to bring to our members is a coming soon communication as part of the monthly newsletter. The idea is to give our members more of a regular update on what is coming soon.  We have one more chapter event for the year and then Christmas Party which should be a lot of fun. 

In terms of events for 2019, Brad(Chapter Event Director) has been working tirelessly to lock in speakers for every month of the new year. 

This full calendar of events is coming soon and is an exciting line-up.  We are also reviewing including other events over and on top of the monthly chapter meetings which are structured slightly differently.  Stay tuned for this. 

Throughout 2018 the boards focus has been in enhancing and bringing more of an experience to our members. 

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Vice-Presidents Report

Part of being a PMI Member and a PMIWA Chapter Member is the opportunities which are created to achieve accelerated career progression through professional development.  DDLS who are our preferred training partner have slots available at a discounted rate of around $1,700 for the completion of the three day course to achieve Certification as an Associate in Project Management (CAPM).  Seems a high cost right? what do you get for this investment? The links below provide PMI’s outline to the course content as well as view of the DDLS program.


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Events Insight


By: Josh Hawes
(Special Forces and Performance, Enhancement Psychologist).

November 14, 2018
5:45 PM to 8:00 PM

As a psychologist for the SAS what more can I say. This one will be very interesting.

If you arer interested in improving your EQ and improving your understanding of people, then ask a psychologist! Hopefully we will see you there at our Last event in 2018 (excluding our Xmas Party). 
For more information and Registeration click here:



October 2018

Our October event was a great success as the majority of the Western Australian Chapter events have been this year.  

For this event with the subject Advanced Work Breakdown Structures brought to us from Gholan Medalla, BsCE, PMP we saw an awesome attendance of over 60 members.  

The subject created a lot of interest and also a lot of discussion/disagreement or robust conversations means it is a subject we all care a lot about.  

What we learnt from Gholan was following:

1) Gholan said that there will likely be different estimating structures and project cost reporting structures that are different to the projects WBS. The Project Team's job is to establish mapping from estimate and cost reports to WBS. 

Work Breakdown Structure is just that, it 'breaks down' work to allow projects to be subdivided into a logical manner and to allocate subcontracts. The only knowledge area that is likely to align to WBS without mapping is schedule. 

2) It’s OK to leave indirect out of the WBS. This approach clearly severs the WBS from the cost reporting. To me this was a complete light bulb moment! 

In short, a good WBS focuses on Work and the logical separation of the projects work which is divided into logical areas with very strong links to procurement (e.g. allocation of subcontracts) and the schedule, but with limited 'one for one' tie back to the estimate and the Projects Cost reporting. 

PMI WA is very keen to establish from any of the members if they have ever worked in a project with a WBS that aligned to all areas of the project?
If they have please explained how this worked. Email Brad at

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Membership and Volunteering

Membership Reports

Our most recent membership stats is as below:

Newly joined members :  9
Total Members               :  491
New Credentials            :  2

Congradulations to all our new members and those who opbtains the credentials.


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Free PDUs for Chapter Members

Below is a list of webinars and their corresponding PDUs avaible to members:

Join the PMI community in an annual Business Analysis virtual conference on 7th November and earn up to 6 PDU.

Download the Agenda HERE!
Download PDU Information HERE!

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The Project Management Institute Western Australia Chapter would like to acknowledge and thank our valued Sponsors, who have assisted in the development of the chapter and provide services to benefit our membership. Thank You!

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