PMI is and always has been a volunteer organisation. We rely on volunteers to run every aspect of our operations, from directorships to chapter events to chapter administration. We believe that volunteering not only improves our chapter, but also the quality of your chapter experience.

Why Volunteer?

Deciding whether to volunteer is not always an easy decision. Project Managers are generally time poor and yet another demand on your time is sometimes hard to justify. However, volunteering with our chapter can be very rewarding, helping you to build your professional network, gain skills/experience and develop as a leader. Please view our Value of Volunteering flyer and additional details below for some of the key benefits you can gain by volunteering with the PMI WA Chapter.

Getting Started

Excited to get started? Just complete our online Prospective Volunteer Information Sheet form online. If you prefer to complete the form manually and send to us at [email protected], you may access it here. We will ensure that when an opportunity arises in your area of interest, you receive a personalised notification of the opportunity.


If you still have questions about volunteering and would like some support, please review our Volunteers Frequently Asked Questions page for more information and the answers to your key questions.

Current Opportunities

Opportunities to volunteer within PMI WA are always available. We utilise PMIs Volunteer Relationship Management System (VRMS) and we encourage all members to set up their profile. All open postings can be found on Current Opportunities page.