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Date Speaker Topic
8 Feb 2013

Stephen Jenner

Realising Benefits from Change - Problems, Causes and Solutions

12 Dec 2012

Expert Panel

Christmas Experts Panel - 21st Century Leadership

14 Nov 2012

Damian Bramanis

Project Management and the Cloud - How to avoid disaster

10 Oct 2012


Note - The AGM was held on this day.
12 Sep 2012

Dr James Earnest

Project Management in Post-War Reconstruction

8 Aug 2012


Marc Diffen, Diffen Consulting

Facilitation Skills for Project Managers

11 Jul 2012


Dr Keith O'Shea

How Project Managers Can Assess the Real Status of Their Projects

13 Jun 2012

WAPMI Members

Project in Pictures

9 May 2012

Todd Hutchinson

Creating A Dynamic Project Team

11 Apr 2012

Chris DelGardo

Probabilistic Risk Analysis App. for Major Capital Project

14 Mar 2012

Bob McGannon

Successfully Managing Sponsors

6 Feb 2012


Terry Doerscher
Mastering Change: Managing Variations in Competency and Commitment
14 Dec 2011
Experts Panel
Gary Hatfield
Graham Colborne
Herman Veltkamp
Marc Diffen
Ron Gibson
Todd Hutchison
Tracey McGrath
Project Governance
Risk Management
Leading Change
Relationship & Networks
Project Coaching
Constructive Conflict
9 Nov 2011

Facilitated by CMI

Projects & Change World Cafe
12 Oct 2011


Sue Langley

Leadership and Emotional Intelligence for Project Managers
Note - The AGM was held on this day.
14 Sep 2011
Richard McAllister, Sarah Pollard and Bobby Singh, Bankwest
Agile Project Delivery
10 Aug 2011
Craig Wilkins
Business Benefits Realisation
13 Jul 2011
Chris Turner
BankWest's Coffee Transformation Program case study
8 Jun 2011
Trevor Rabey
Project Scheduling and MS Project - Best and Worst Practices
11 May 2011
Stephen Kuria
Setting up a Project War Room (Information Centre)
13 Apr 2011
Tim Paul
Organisational Change in a  Project Context
9 Mar 2011
Gabrielle Morrison
Project Management Methodology on Project Performance
9 Feb 2011
It’s your chapter, It’s your Board, so what’s in it for all of us?
8 Dec 2011
Matthew Vermeulen &
Eric Sydney-Smith (UWA Dreamfit Team)
Dreamfit Project – Art Easel for Sladjana
10 Nov 2010
Todd Hutchison
Project Me – Using Project Principles to Succeed in Life
19 Oct 2010
Jim Winter
Good Leadership is Good Leadership
10 Sep 2010
Chris Bragg
Project Management as a core competency for Strategic Success
10 Aug 2010
Wayne Shaw Greenwood
Project Management Breakthrough
14 Jul 2010
Noel Caro PMP
I can’t finish my Project, I’ve just kicked the bucket!
9 Jun 2010
A proven way to increase your public speaking and leadership skills
12 May 2010
Aart ter Kuile
Case Study - DBNGP Stage 5B Expansion Project
14 Apr 2010
Francesca Irwin
Developing Your Performance Edge: the Principles of Personal Productivity
10 Mar 2010
Bob McGannon
I have to do What!? The Bizarre Life of Programme Managers
10 Feb 2010
Ron Gibson
Networking - Today’s habit for tomorrows success

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